High End Features on the Nokia MIui 11 Lites and Mi 11 Uppers

MI 11 Lite puts the power in your hands. You have many choices when it comes to smart phones. But few offer the high-end performance of the Android handset when it comes to power and features. Get the most out of your device by choosing the right phone. MI 11 Lite gives you the power you need to make the best of Android, but with the comfort and ease of a Palm-style phone.

The Best Of Android The MIui Android experience is just like you would expect from a premium Android handset. From high-resolution multi-touch screen to intuitive user interface, everything is a premium experience at its best on this phone. Get the power you need with the optimal mi 11 lite software programs and optimized user interface. Get the ultimate multitasking power and performance from your MIui 11 Lite with the Android refresh rate of 60%. And thanks to the unlocked boot version that works in the UK, you will enjoy all the benefits of Android, with the added benefit of additional functions you never knew you could get from a smartphone.

4G Performance Nokia isn’t the only mobile phone manufacturer that offers up-to-date apps with a smooth user interface and seamless connectivity options – Nokia also offers up-to-date gourmet food apps and several other useful apps. The MIui Android experience will be enhanced even further with the addition of popular restaurant-style apps. You will have the edge on your competition when you have the latest gourmet dining options pre-installed. Get the power you need to impress your peers and family with the latest apps available for your device. The MIui 11 Lite also supports the latest version of Android – Jellybean, so you can enjoy the latest features and advancements. The phone supports all the standard Android features out there, including:

5MP Camera The front and rear cameras on the Nokia MIui 11 Lite are quite impressive and come with some unique features to make your picture taking more fun and interesting. You can shoot up to five images at a time and enjoy the way your pictures turn out. The phone also comes with a 12.2 MP sensor with auto focusing, and an intuitive auto zoom feature. If you are looking for great picture quality, you won’t find it lacking with the fiveMP camera.

64MP Main Camera Nokia is known for making mobile devices with cutting edge technology, and the new MIui 11 Lite and MI 11 ultra are no exception. The phone comes equipped with a front and rear camera that is capable of providing you with clear pictures, even in low light situations. The front camera has a f/2.5 lens to provide you with excellent pictures in bright lights, and the rear camera comes with a sensor that takes high definition pictures, meaning you get amazing quality even in low light conditions. This gives you a fantastic advantage over other phones that don’t come with this kind of high-end feature.

Side Fingerprint Sensor The Mi 11 Lite comes with a neat feature called the side fingerprint sensor. This allows you to unlock the phone without having to touch the phone. Just slide your finger gently across the screen to quickly lock and unlock the phone. This makes using the phone a lot easier, especially when you are in a meeting or trying to text someone. You can also use this feature if you want to turn off the auto-lock feature. The advantage of this is that you won’t accidentally unlock the phone.