The Best Scariest Haunted House – Adding an Experience to Your Charity silent Auction ideas

One of the most important and sometimes overlooked strategies to maximize giving at your benefit auction is to include a “Fund-A-Need” program. silent auction item ideas Charities around the world have been utilizing this method to energize their auctions and inspire their guests, increasing their revenues dramatically. This program should address a specific need of your organization and directly involve the donors in your cause, making them feel a greater commitment to your organization. If done correctly, you will never regret it.

So why should you utilize a “Fund A Need” program? Shouldn’t the auction be sufficient to draw in the donations that will be available? One of the reasons is that there will always be “losing” bidders at your auction. These guests came and attempted to give their money to your organization but the potential donation is still in their pocket. Occasionally, there will also be guests who are not fond of the competition of an auction or are not interested in the items for sale. They are also there to give, but need another means to do it. The direct appeal for a specific need allows every type of giver to become involved. It does not limit participation to those at certain levels of giving. Surprisingly, more money is often raised during the “Fund-A-Need” program than throughout the auction itself. Just as important, it inspires the guests at your event and makes them more aware of your organization’s needs.

If “Fund-A-Need” programs are so successful, why do some charity organizations avoid them? One of the most common reasons is being unaware of the revenues possible. For the most part, the staff members of charity organizations are not experienced with professional auctions and are unequipped to set up such a program.  Some believe that it will cause the event to become too lengthy. Therefore, they prioritize the awards presentations or the entertainers over the “Fund A Need” program and they miss the most important part of their event – generating revenue. They may feel that they are “overdoing” the request for giving because they are already including a silent auction and a live auction. But remember the mindset of your guests. By attending your event, they are already showing their support for your organization, with their presence and their wallets. The “Fund-A-Need” program will invite them to be a more influential donor and give them an ownership in the process.  People want to give more when they feel that they truly are a part of something special.